How does PPC Autopilot Work?

We can just send you your keywords to use or we can create your campaigns and manage your bids for you.  Some products are so saturated that a launch will not work. You can't be the last at the party.  Some products are prohibited from FBA, due to a variety of reasons such as HAZMAT. Most essential oils can't be shipped as FBA. Other products could be banned from sponsored ads. We help you avoid the traps.  We will identify the top keywords for this product, the search demand for those keywords, and the level of competition for this keyword

Will my PPC marketing cost come down?

A. Our goal is to target your chosen ACOS and reduce your overall spending or increase your overall ROI. By definition, a lower ACOS means that fewer bids are wasted on keywords that don’t convert into sales. So, in our experience, a well-managed PPC Campaign will increase profits - not just sales.

Is it guaranteed sales? 

A. We work directly with you, and your own personal objectives. How long it can take for a PPC Campaign to regularize is dependent largely on your own risk appetite. We try to take a measured and calculated approach to change bids. Small changes, made often, will cause a less drastic swing in sales and ACOS. We know it takes at about a few weeks to notice a difference, about a month to see ACOS coming down and between 2-3 months to be fully optimized.

How long will it take?

A. Our bidding technique is simple - yet effective. We identify all Search Terms that result in sales and isolate them. Then we can target each of those Search Terms individually with bids that bring the ACOS down. We run a smaller Research Campaign for you that continually hunts for new converting Search Terms.

Do you optimize A+ content?

The Autopilot PPC will not cover the A+ Content Creation but would take a look at it and let you know of any feedback.

How much is PPC auto-pilot?

These are our pricing packages.  You can check this too on our website.

If you need further assistance, just send an email to or use our Live Chat.

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