How does the ZonBase Profits Tool Calculate Profit and Loss?

Taking a store with the Last 30 day’s data:

The orders, its item details, and settlement reports are already fetched in the system. Due to Amazon Limitations, we get Settlement/Disbursement Data for only the Last 90 Days from the time the seller integrated the account in our Zonbase system, the other numbers of Profitability are Estimated. The Profit Breakdown section provides a detailed description of how the Net Profit is calculated.

All the mentioned fields with the plus sign (+) are added to Gross Revenue and those with the minus sign (-) are subtracted from the Gross Revenue. If the Net Profit is in +ve figures(green) then the seller makes the Profit and if it is -ve figures(red) then the seller is at a Loss.

There are multiple fees under the amazon fee section which can be seen when expanded.

The COGS and shipping costs are added to our system from the Product Master List.

The amazon fees and other charges are fetched from APIs.

Other Expenses are added from the Expense manager screen.

You can see the consolidated view under the Store Summary section.

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