How to Narrow Down the List of Hot Products with Filters?

The Hot Products tool allows you to further narrow down your list with unique advanced filters. Through the Advanced Filters feature, you can further narrow down your list in order to find the best products to sell for your chosen niche. The Advanced filters include Categories, Revenue, Price, Number of Reviews, Gross Profit, Weight, Sales unit/month, BSR Ranking, Star Rating, Seller Type (Amazon, FBA, FBM), Variation, number of Images, and the number of sales per month. You can also exclude or include Keywords to narrow down your search.

To narrow down your list, simply choose from the list of available categories, enter the minimum and maximum value for each of the criteria included in your filters, and click SEARCH. The Hot Products tool will now display all the potential products that fall under the criteria of the filters that you have chosen.

For example, if you have chosen Baby Products for your Categories, and entered $100 for the Minimum Price and 5 for Minimum Reviews, the Hot Products tool will show only products under the Baby Products category with 5 or fewer Reviews and are above $100 in price.

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