How to view your product details in ZonRepricer?

To view your product details in Zonrepricer, you need to go to your dashboard and select Repricer Product List under the Zonrepricer tool from the sidebar menu.

You will be directed to this screen, where you can see all your product details mentioned below:

Margin: Total Margin Percentage is calculated over net profit divided by gross revenue. This represents the overall margin that the store has for the date range selected along with the change in Margin percentage for the previous period.

Expenses: Total expenses charged by Amazon per unit, this includes Referral Fee, Fulfillment Fee, and Storage Fee.

Strategy: Name of the strategy assigned to the product.

Minimum Price: Repricer will not decrease your price below the minimum price. A minimum price limit will be applicable to the total price. (listing price + shipping price)

Maximum Price: Repricer will not increase your price above the maximum price. A maximum price limit will be applicable to the total price. (listing price + shipping price)

COG: Cost of goods for the products sold, This means the overall landing price of the product which means which includes manufacturing and shipping price.

Your Price: The price of the product which is fetched from Amazon.

BuyBox Price: Current selling price of the product on the Amazon store.

BuyBox Seller: It displays the seller ID who won the buy box of the product.

Amazon Status: It displays whether the product is active or inactive on its Amazon Seller Central Account.

Repricer Status: It displays the Repricer status of the product.

Action: The user can edit or view the product details from here.


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