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Why can't I target more than 1 keyword to rank to page 1?

Our strategy is to target a keyword that is relevant and with at least 5-7k monthly searches. We do this because we often find that once you rank for one keyword well Amazon recognizes what keywords your product is appropriate for and you start to rank for other keywords as well. Thus saving you the monetary investment of a big keyword launch.

How do I know which keywords are the best?

It’s important to carefully analyze the data the Keywords Tool provides. You could select keywords with high monthly search volume, high smart score (low competition), and high relevance to your product.

Another great way to find the best keywords is to search your keyword criteria, using advanced filters, such as monthly search volume, smart score, and keywords to include or exclude.

What information will the Keywords tool show me?

You will be able to see the estimated monthly search volume and historical search trends of the main keyword. In addition, the Keywords tool provides a useful metric called a Smart Score, which is the relationship between the search volume and the number of competing sellers. The Keywords Tool also generates tons of keyword suggestions that are related to the main keyword, alongside their estimated monthly search volume, smart score, and relevancy score.

Why should we take Keywords seriously?

Amazon keyword research is the process of searching for all the relevant keywords that shoppers use to find your product on Amazon. After finding these keywords, you include them in your listings to build rank using Amazon’s A9 Algorithm. This helps to increase your product’s visibility, drive traffic to your page and put you on Page 1 of search results.

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