What does ZonTracker do?

When it comes to optimizing your listings and improving your conversions, keyword research is not where it ends. You’ll need to take it further by tracking your keyword performance and product ranking from time to time. Attempting to do this manually will be exhausting and time-consuming, which is why you need a keyword-tracking tool like ZonTracker.

ZonTracker is a product and keyword tracking tool that allows you to check the ranking of a set of keywords and see how they perform over time. Using ZonTracker, you can see how your product ranks for a specific set of keywords. The tool also shows changes in your ranking over time, as well as estimated search volumes for the keywords you track. Since you can see the performance of your keywords, you can decide which ones to keep using and which ones to ditch. This will help you gauge the success of your efforts.

The tool also allows you to track your top competitor's ranking history for high-traffic keywords and perform a Reverse ASIN lookup on their product. By running a reverse search on their keywords and products, you get to analyze their SEO strategy and improve on yours.

ZonTracker is the best keyword-tracking tool especially if you intend to run promotions on your listings. By monitoring the performance of your keywords with a data-driven tool like this, you can maintain high-converting keywords and save costs on those that do not convert. Plus, the tool is easy to use and generates accurate keyword data in a few seconds. 

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