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ZonBase Suite Overview

ZonBase is an Amazon software that allows you to access all the essential tools you need to scale your business in one place. We offer a complete suite of web-based Amazon seller tools including a chrome extension and done-for-you services. All our tools and services work together to help you find profitable products to sell, generate relevant keywords, optimize your listings, and manage your business like a Pro. Here’s an overview of our tools.


Product Research Tools

Our product research tools; ZonResearch, Chrome Extension, Hot Products, and Sales Estimator dig deep into Amazon’s database to bring you the hottest products on Amazon. The sales estimator tool analyzes your competitors’ products to generate current sales data to help you make informed product choices. And the Hot products tool gives you access to a list of reliable suppliers. Finding profitable product options and genuine suppliers for your store is easier with ZonBase Product research tools.

Learn more about our product research tool Zonbase

Sales Optimization Tools

We also offer a set of sales optimization or keyword research tools; Keywords, Reverse ASIN, and ZonTracker to help you uncover high conversion and low-competition keywords for your listings. The Reverse ASIN tool allows you to spy on your competitors' keywords and see which ones they’re ranking for so you can target the same keywords and improve your conversions. You can also use the keyword and ZonTracker tools to generate useful keyword and product ranking information for improving your PPC campaigns and strategy.

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Listing Optimization and Profits Tool

In addition to product research and keyword research tools, we offer a listing optimization tool- Listify, and a profits tool. With Listify, you can create well-optimized listings by spying on your competitors’ listings and implementing their working strategies in your listings. Our profits tool is a finance or revenue management tool that helps you monitor your profit margins and gain insights into your sales and revenue metrics to gauge your marketing efforts.

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One-off Services

Apart from our stand-alone tools, we also offer one-off or done-for-you services that allow you to outsource your listing optimization and PPC optimization to our team of experts. The services in this category include; Listing optimizer, Product Validator, Photo Enhancer, PPC Autopilot, and Page one.

Through Listing optimizer, our team of experts will create well-optimized listings for you using relevant keywords and proven strategies that guarantee conversions. And our PPC Autopilot and Page One services allow you to outsource your PPC campaign optimization to a professional team. Our team of experts will research keywords, analyze your competitors, and come up with effective PPC campaign strategies to improve your conversions and boost sales.

When you sign up for the product validator service, our product researchers will review your product choices and send you a report about their profitability. Using our photo enhancer service, our team of designers will edit your product images professionally, this will help you capture audience attention and improve your conversions.

We also offer a mentorship package for new and existing sellers who would like access to expert guidance and validation on their seller journey.

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In addition to our tools and one-off services, we offer a free product research training to help you find your first home-run product even if you have zero experience. All our tools can be accessed via a paid subscription, but you can also explore them for free for 7-days.

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