A Comprehensive Guide To Your PPC Autopilot

Running an Amazon PPC campaign isn’t cheap. And it definitely isn’t easy. Setting up your campaign the wrong way can lead to complications that result in higher costs. Thus, hiring third-party experts who have years of experience under their belts is often the most cost-effective way to run a PPC campaign. This is where ZonBase’s PPC Autopilot comes in.

The ultimate goal of this one-off service is to have your PPC campaign on autopilot using the best settings possible to lower your overall marketing costs. Through continuous improvements and machine learning, PPC Autopilot can optimize your PPC campaigns to the point where you can confidently leave it on its own without worrying about its costs.

Here are the different phases of the PPC Autopilot service:

Phase 1

During this phase, we will set up your account and make sure that every pre-launch checklist is in place. This means acquiring Seller Account access, analyzing keywords, studying competitors, and doing keyword research.

Phase 2

This is where we start your initial campaign. We will monitor the health of the campaign daily, as the initial days after launch is some of the most crucial stages in a PPC campaign’s performance.

During this stage, the goal is to at least operate at a break-even point. Since the campaign is still in its infancy, some losses might be normal. The goal in this stage is to improve the ranking of your campaigns rather than to make lots of profits. As we optimize the campaigns and adjust the settings, we will discover which strategies to improve on and which ones to ditch.

As the campaigns start to bring in sales, we will determine if there is an additional need to run discount promotions to boost sales further. This is also the stage where we recommend changes to your main product images, AB testing on titles and headings, lowering your prices, and many more.

There are many factors that affect the performance of the campaign. Finding which one contributes the most and focusing on it is the key to making significant and profitable adjustments.

Phase 3

This phase is all about analyzing the data, campaign optimizations, and providing weekly reports to the clients. All the recommendations on what should be changed and adjusted depending on what the campaign needs are also done in this phase.

Phase 4

At this stage, the monthly report is provided to the customer. This will contain all the data gathered from the previous stages and compiled into one report meant to provide insights on how to further improve the campaign.

The end goal is to create a PPC campaign that is profitable and runs completely on autopilot. Take note that many micro-adjustments might be required before finally finding the formula that works. Each specific campaign is different, so a customized plan is the best solution. This is what PPC Autopilot provides.

For more information regarding PPC-Autopilot Service, you can visit: https://www.zonbase.com/ppc-autopilot

If you need further assistance, just send an email to support@zonbase.com or use our Live Chat.

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