How Does Page One Work?

Setting up promotional campaigns is not as easy as it sounds. You will have to research keywords, optimize your listings, and keep up with changing metrics to improve your ranking. When you sign up for the Page one service, we will set up your PPC campaigns for you; this includes keyword research and listing optimization.

Of course, all the processes cannot be executed in a few hours. So, we have split our page one service into six stages to ensure you get the best results. Here’s a breakdown of the phases you’ll have to go through when you sign up for our Page one service.

Phase 1

First, we will set up your account and make sure that every pre-launch requirement is in place. This includes creating a seller central account or acquiring your seller account access if you already have one, keyword research, and competitive analysis.

Phase 2

Next, we create a PPC strategy, then proceed to set up your campaign and monitor it closely over the next few days. Our PPC strategy is quite comprehensive, however, in the initial stages, you may have to operate at a break-even point or record a few losses. But it will not be anything to worry about since we will push your launch keywords aggressively so that you can start making sales in no time.

Still, if your ranking and conversions do not improve after some time, we will come up with new marketing strategies like repricing, changing images, and AB testing. The bulk of your campaign optimization depends on how well-optimized your listings are, so we will also review your listings to ensure they’re performing well.

Our goal is to set up profitable campaigns for you, so we will also review your keywords constantly and make necessary adjustments until we reach our ACOS goal.

Phase 3

This phase is focused on reviewing the data from the campaigns and generating weekly reports to help you understand your campaigns better. We’ll also review the campaigns and make changes when necessary.

Phase 4

Here, we continue to track your results and generate weekly reports for you while making necessary adjustments to your campaigns. The aim is to boost your ranking significantly and the only way to do this is to pay close attention to data and metrics. Not every strategy will work perfectly, but our experts are flexible and trained to make changes in line with data so you can be sure of getting results from this service.

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