How to Customize your Keyword Search using Advanced Filters?

There are situations when you might be looking to narrow down the results of the Keywords Tool. For example, if you are trying to look for specific keywords that you want to include or exclude in your results, then you need filters to help you narrow down the data.

The Keywords Tool offers an Advanced Filter section that allows users to further narrow down the results displayed. Advanced filters include criteria such as Monthly Search Volume, Smart Score, Include/Exclude Keywords, and even the Best Season for the keywords.

To use the Advanced Filters feature and customize your search, all you have to do is scroll down to the “Advanced Filters” section. This can be found at the bottom right side of the page, right below the initial data displayed when you search for a keyword.

Once you reach the Advanced Filters section, you can use the available filters to narrow down your results and customize your search data. You can do this by entering values on specific boxes such as Min/Max Monthly Search Volume, Min/Max Smart Score, Min/Max Competing Products Range, and Min/Max Smart Title Density Range.

If there are specific keywords that you want to include or exclude, you can also add them to the boxes called “Include” and “Exclude” keywords.

Finally, if you are looking only for products that sell best in a certain season, there is also the “Best Sales Season” filter that you can use.

The Advance Filter is a nifty feature that you can use if you want to customize the results of the Keyword Tool.

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