How to use the Reverse ASIN Tool?

Keyword research is a crucial aspect of building a profitable Amazon business. And having the Reverse ASIN tool in your arsenal is a great way to improve your conversions and boost sales.

Here’s how to optimize your keyword research process using the Reverse ASIN tool.

First, log in to your ZonBase account and select ‘Reverse ASIN’ on the dashboard.

Select a marketplace using the dropdown button next to the country flag.

Go to Amazon and copy your product ASIN/URL. Then, paste it into the search bar in the Reverse ASIN tool and click ‘search’. A pop-up for your competitor ASINs will appear.

Next, go to Amazon and search for three similar products from competitors that you want to target, then copy their Product ASINs/ URLs.

Go back to the Reverse ASIN tool and click the dropdown button in the pop-up.

Paste your competitor ASINs in the search bar and click ‘Add’. You can run a reverse search for one competitor ASIN, but it’s best to use three. If you decide to use three, you will have to paste the ASINs individually.

When you’re done pasting all your competitor ASINs, click ‘Analyze’ and wait for your results. The results show your product rank and competitor rank on the search results page for different keywords. You can also see the monthly search volume, smart score, frequently used words, and word frequency.

Click ‘Find a possible supplier’ if you need authentic supplier options.

To download your results into a spreadsheet for later use, click ‘Export’.

Note: The tool exports results in one page at a time.

You can run up to 10 searches/day on the standard plan, 250 searches/day on the legendary plan, and 1000 searches/day on the diamond plan.

If you need further assistance, just send an email to or use our Live Chat.

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