How to use Wholesale Grading Tool?

Before we get too deep into the Zongrading tool, let's discuss what exactly Amazon's wholesale model is.

Amazon's Wholesale Model

The Wholesale model is the one where the Seller buys products in mass straightforwardly from the local supplier or brands directly at a discount cost and afterward creates a gain or profit by selling the products on Amazon. Under this model, you might be one of the numerous sellers who sell the products on Amazon, or you might be the main seller offering this specific product in the Amazon store.

This model works quite well on Amazon but the profit margins are not that high, you don't have to invest a lot of money upfront or you have to invest the money but the products are already branded so liquidating the inventory becomes very easy and you don't get into a lot of loss if one doesn't get successful with their product.

The thing with the wholesale model is that the products are already listed on Amazon, their photos are done, and there are already sellers that are selling that product, all you have to do is to check whether the product is profitable enough or not.

First of all, you need to find a particular supplier, check what products that supplier is selling, and see if those products are actually profitable with the Cost of Goods that those guys are offering on Amazon.

In order to avoid this lengthy process, we have created a tool which is Whole Sale Grading where you can upload a list from a supplier or you can actually get a list of products from the supplier and insert it into the system and can see what is their current selling price, is the product actually profitable to sell on Amazon? What are the monthly units sold?

You can access the Zongrading tool from the sidebar under the Product Research dropdown menu:

In order to add a product to the grading list, you need to click on the Add button.

You can add the ASIN of the product or UPC. Suppliers very rarely give you actual ASINs, they will mostly give you UPCs.

When you enter a UPC in the system, it will check on Amazon so these are all the products or ASINs that are matching with the UPC, you need to select a product and enter the COGs and our tool will fetch the data for you.

For example, if we are fetching the data for the ASIN  B07YSXM6BX and we have set the COGs at £5.00, you can actually have a profit of £3.37 so it means that the product is profitable enough for the wholesale model.

Note: If the P&L stats are in red color it means that you will have a loss and the product is not profitable enough. The stats in green color indicates the profit.

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