How ZonBase can be used for Dropshipping Model?

Before jumping on how you can get help from Zonbase if you are interested in dropshipping on Amazon, let me give you a brief introduction about dropshipping.

What is Dropshipping?

It is basically a type of business model where the sellers don’t keep inventory on hand or ship goods to customers. The seller only acts as a middleman and forwards the buyer’s orders directly to the manufacturer, supplier, or distributor. The manufacturer/supplier then sends the products straightforwardly to the buyer/purchaser.

How ZonBase tools can help you run an efficient Dropshipping Model?

Since you have now got a generalized idea about dropshipping, I would now like to give you an insight into how you can make great use of our tools in order to run a successful dropshipping business model since we guys don't directly help the customers with dropshipping but with the use of our tools, one can do dropshipping as well.

- Zonbase Chrome Extension:

The outcome of your business to a great extent relies upon the sort of items you sell. Furthermore, the last thing you need is to wind up with items that nobody needs to purchase. So you want to choose items with high demand and low competition.

ZonBase Tools for Dropshipping

Here comes Zonbase to your rescue, we have a Chrome Extension tool that makes product research much easier for you. To see how well a product is performing on Amazon, you must check its sales rank or Best Sellers Rank (BSR).

After installing the extension, run your search within When the search results appear, run the Zonbase Chrome Extension. It will give you information about the products, including their respective Best Seller's Rank and sales history. It will also show you a smart score which reveals the product’s level of demand and competition.

ZonBase Tools for Dropshipping

Remember, you’re looking for products with low, but not too low, BSRs. So, based on the results, you can shortlist products with a BSR of 5000 or less. 

- ZonResearch:

Another AMZ product research tool on Zonbase that you could use is ZonResearch. Using the advanced filter, you can put in your preferred metrics to find products with great profit potential.

ZonBase Tools for Dropshipping

As a beginner, you should start with simple, low-maintenance products. Some great categories with low-maintenance products are Office Products, Beauty & Personal Care, Home & Garden, and Sports & Outdoors.

You should also consider selling disposable or consumable items that are used regularly and are more likely to be re-ordered.

- Zonbase Keyword Tool:

Since you have selected the potential product to sell, the next step is to find a possible supplier. Once you get successful in finding a potential manufacturer or supplier, the next step is to list your product on Amazon.

Every hour, millions of customers bypass Google and search for products directly on Amazon. So if you want to rank high on the search results and increase your visibility, you need to optimize your listings.

The most important element in product listing optimization is the use of keywords. Your product title, bullet points, and product description should be filled with relevant keywords with high search volume.

There are plenty of tools to help you find highly searched keywords, but the best Amazon keyword research tool is Zonbase. Zonbase’s Keywords tool makes it easy for you to find target keywords in seconds. Type keywords for a product in the search box, and the tool will show you the search volume and a word cloud of more keywords. The Keywords Tool also provides target keywords related to the product and its monthly search volume.

For Example, if you are using the keyword "Dog Bed", our tool  will fetch all the Keyword data live from Amazon and will give you the results, you can also see in the screenshot below:

- Zonbase Photo Enhancer:

By using our Photo Enhancer Service, (Optimized Amazon Product Photography - By Zonbase) you can enhance your photos and make them more appealing or captivating. 

To get started, simply take a few RAW photos of your product and send them to our team. Our Graphic Designers will then work on them based on your specific requirements.

- ZonPPC Tool:

You can also create automated campaigns using ZonPPC ToolDespite the fact that Amazon's wide customer base promises you some traffic, advertising campaigns will help you stand out and will increase your visibility which ultimately leads to better sales.

You can easily get insights into key advertising metrics through the ZonPPC Dashboard.

For further queries or assistance, please feel free to contact our support at!

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