Listing Optimizer FAQs

How much does the Listing Optimizer service cost?

How do I Optimize my Listing?

Listing optimization starts with keyword research. First, find the most relevant keyword phrases for your product. Then, include the keywords in your product listing to optimize it. Your product title should contain your most relevant keywords, followed by your bullet points, product description, and backend search terms.

How do you research keywords for my listing?

We have experience in creating thousands of winning product listings. The secret is to research the keywords that your exact competitors are ranking for, then use those keywords in your listings. The keywords used more often by buyers would appear in the title, and those used less often in the bullets and back-end keywords.

Does it matter how often keywords are used?

There is no benefit to repeating keywords, so we instead use our keyword data (we have keyword data for over 15 million keywords) to see what other keywords buyers use to search for your product. The idea is that every keyword used by buyers must appear once in your listing.

Who does my Listing Optimization?

We employ experienced Amazon managers who are in charge of our PageOne launches. These managers will be the ones optimizing your listing for you. They have first-hand experience in making listings sell better.

How often should I change my listing?

In our experience, a well-researched listing with the correct keywords does not need to be updated often. We do recommend reviewing every 6 months. However, if your listing is not well-optimized, the sooner you can change the listing, the better.

If you need further assistance, just send an email to or use our Live Chat.

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