Page One FAQs

Who will handle my PPC Campaigns?

Our experts have years of experience in creating and managing PPC campaigns, so they will be set up and handle your campaigns.

How does ranking work without doing giveaways?

Some sellers often run giveaways after their product launches in a bid to improve their rankings. While this may seem like a promising strategy, it may put a strain on your profit margins. Plus, we believe that it is possible to improve your ranking without doing giveaways and we have always done that. It’s not about how fast you rank, but about how well you’ll be able to maintain that rank. So, we’ll not only show you how to improve your rank without doing giveaways, but we’ll also show you how to maintain it afterward.

Is it normal to just barely break even or lose money in the first few weeks?

The first few weeks of a PPC campaign always require you to try out different strategies and keywords to see what works. It is perfectly normal to break even or even lose a bit of money during the first weeks. Also, you may not start making money immediately, but we can guarantee that you won’t have to record substantial losses.

What is the difference between Page one and PPC autopilot?

The PPC Autopilot service involves managing ongoing PPC campaigns for profitability while Page one is focused on launching new PPC campaigns, and is more aggressive.

What keyword should I target and how many units do I need to sell organically to rank on page1?

Our goal here is to guide you to choose either a "high sales - high competition" keyword, which you will need to sell more units in order to rank, OR a less competitive keyword, which will require fewer sales but is simpler to maintain your ranking on Page 1. You can reach our live support team by clicking on our live chat icon and we will create a personalized launch strategy for you.

How long before the promotion starts?

Depending on how quickly you provide us with information, we can start your promotion in less than 24 hours.

If you need further assistance, just send an email to or use our Live Chat.

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