Sales Estimation FAQs

What is the Sales Estimator Tool?

The sales estimator tool is an effective tool for competitive analysis. With the ZonBase sales estimator, you can get insight and data about the average number of sales for a specific product category on a specific Amazon marketplace.

There’s no better way to make informed product choices than to unravel sales trends and competitor sales figures using a sales estimator. If you want a tool that allows you to spy on your competitors and discover new, profitable niches to sell in, you’ll find the ZonBase sales estimator helpful.

Why Do I Need To Use The Sales Estimator Tool?

Competitive analysis is important if your goal is to build a profitable Amazon business. And the best way to determine a product’s profit potential is to check its sales figures and see how many units your competitors are selling monthly.

A sales estimator tool can also help you to:

  • Come up with an effective sales or marketing strategy

  • Uncover the hottest products on Amazon based on sales trends and data

  • Choose products with the best profit margin

What Marketplaces Does the Sales Estimator Tool Support?

Presently, all our tools support eight Amazon marketplaces; United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, Mexico, France, and Italy.

What’s the Daily Use Limit for the Sales Estimator Tool?

You can make up to 40 requests/day on the standard plan, 1000/day on the legendary plan, and 5000/day on the diamond plan.

If you need further assistance, just send an email to or use our Live Chat.

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