What does the Hot Products Tool do?

Hot Products is one of Zonbase’s unique product and trends research tools. If you have ever wondered how you can find new and trending products on Amazon, this is the answer.

By digging deep inside Amazon’s top 100 most gifted products with an increasing sales trend, the Hot Products tool is able to provide potential home-run products to aspiring Amazon sellers. The list is updated hourly, so you can be sure that your database is up-to-date and recent. And to make it even more interesting, the Hot Products tool only shows those results with less than 50 reviews. This is to ensure that there is less competition with the product recommendations that the Hot Products tool is providing.

The Hot Products tool displays information that includes Price, Monthly Sales, Monthly Revenue, Sales Trend, Size (for FBA fulfillment), Variation, Gross Profit, and Star Rating.

The Hot Products tool also connects you to Alibaba so you can easily access potential manufacturers and suppliers for your home-run products. Finding and selling trending products has never been easier with the help of this awesome tool.

If you need further assistance, just send an email to support@zonbase.com or use our Live Chat.

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