What is the Reverse ASIN Tool?

Keyword research is an important aspect of every Amazon business, and the best way to generate relevant keywords for your listings is to look through your competitors’ listings to see which keywords they’re ranking for. Since it is almost impossible to do this by taking random guesses, we have designed the Reverse ASIN tool to do all the inside work for you.

The Reverse ASIN tool is a keyword research tool that doubles as a competitive analysis tool. With this tool, you can generate a list of high-converting keywords by spying on your competitors' listings.

The tool allows you to run a Reverse search for up to three competitor ASINs and see all the keyword phrases that they rank for. It then generates a comprehensive list of the keywords that your competitors are ranking for.

In addition to generating a list of your competitors’ keywords, the tool also provides data-driven insight into these keywords. So, you get to see the keyword ranking and estimated monthly search volume for each keyword. Plus, the keywords generated by our Reverse ASIN tool are awarded a smart score to help you choose keywords with high search volume and low competition.

With these details at your disposal, you can uncover your competitors’ keyword strategy, then use it to your advantage and beat them at their game.

The Reverse ASIN tool also comes with a Word Frequency Feature that allows you to see the most-used words in your competitors’ key phrases. This will help you select the best keywords and key phrases for your listings.

Competitive analysis or keyword research may be a bit technical especially if you’re a new seller who’s just trying to learn the ropes. So, we have made this tool very easy to use and you’ll be done generating your keyword options in a few clicks.

Read the article “How to use the Reverse ASIN tool” to see how this tool works.

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