Why should you reprice your products?

Aside from rich product data, repricing is one of the keys to finding success on Amazon, as it assists you with bettering position your proposals in the Buy Box, making them more attractive and apparent to clients.

Following are some of the reasons mentioned why Amazon sellers are needed to reprice their products:

To get a bigger share of the buy box:

Price plays a great role when we talk about sales and the buy box. Pricing your products too high won't get you sales and pricing too low would not generate enough revenue or profit and you'll end up experiencing loss instead. A typical Buy Box myth is that the Seller with the lowest price will win the Buy Box. This is completely false and there are numerous models where a greater price has been granted the Buy Box. An efficient repricing solution will permit you to automate price changes constantly to guarantee your stay in front of your opponent. So if your product is valued perfectly, as well as hitting other seller metrics, you can have a better opportunity at the Buy Box.

To clear out old inventory:

In order to get rid of the old inventory that has been sitting in the warehouses for so long, you need to reprice your products. This is quite clear that no one wants to hold old inventory that is not adding any value to the profits instead of getting dust and accumulating the storage fees. 

For instance, some products are seasonal like if you are selling Christmas decoration pieces then you want to get rid of the inventory before the season ends so you reprice your product and generate sales by pricing them lower.

You can also reprice the products if they are about to expire because the expired inventory would not be of any use to the sellers so instead of having a huge loss the seller can sell these products at a lower price.

To make up for sales and offers:

You might be offering discounts during occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc. With an efficient repricing system, you can value your items higher whenever the open door introduces itself so you can compensate for those discounts or whenever your competitors run out of stock you can take the benefit of this situation by selling the product at a higher price. In short, repricing can help you get a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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