How to Change the Max Daily Budget for the Campaign on ZonPPC?

First, you need to go to your Zonbase dashboard and access the Ads Manager under ZonPPC Tool. You can also access this option from the sidebar menu as mentioned in the screenshot:

Once you click on the Ads Manager, you'll be redirected to this screen. Here, you need to click on the created group of the campaign under the Group column.

From here, you can change the Max Daily Budget for the whole campaign or separately for any particular group required, and it will auto-divide among the five campaigns.

Once you are done making the changes, click on the update button to save the changes you made.

Note: The group will appear only for those campaigns that are posted from our system and for those campaigns only you can update the daily budget.  

If you need further assistance, just send an email to or use our Live Chat.

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