Profits Tool FAQs

Q) How does the profits tool get its data?

To use the Profits tool, you must integrate the tool with your seller account. Your product listings are then synced, and the tool sorts through relevant reports to generate accurate data. This data includes Products, Orders, Inventory, and PPC-related data.

Q) Will I have to release my account information?

When you integrate your seller account with the profits tool, you automatically give the tool access to your account information and business details. However, you can be certain that we keep your information secure and that your details are safe with us.

Q) Can I set up more than one account?

You can only set up one seller account on this tool if you sign up for the standard plan, if you sign up for the legendary plan you can add up to three accounts, and if you sign up for the diamond plan you can add up to seven accounts.

Q) What information will I have to provide?

The profits tool automates all your calculations by sorting through all relevant details on your account. So, you will not have to provide any information apart from the cost of goods sold and the lead time for each product listed. Plus, the tool allows you to input this information in bulk for all your listings.

Q) Will I have to pay any additional charges to use this tool?

Absolutely not. You can access all the features of this tool by signing up for any of our paid plans: the standard plan at $47/month or $444/year, the legendary plan at $97/month or $804/year, and the diamond plan at $197/month or $1594/year.

Q) How often does the profits tool update my data?

The tool updates your data as soon as it can depending on how soon the data is made available by Amazon. In some cases, the data is updated every hour, and in other cases, it is updated daily.

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