What is the Profits tool?

Building a profitable Amazon business is not impossible, but there are many costs involved and if you lose track of them, your profit margin may be affected. So it’s important to keep a close eye on your expenses. Expense tracking is a crucial but exhausting task and a manual approach will most likely result in errors which is why you need a Profits tool. 

The ZonBase Profits tool is an analytics tool that keeps track of your financial records and profitability metrics without requiring you to pore over endless business reports. With the profits tool, you can stay updated on your business revenue, costs, sales, and profits without the confusion and exhaustion that comes with sorting through manual reports.

The tool comes up with accurate financial data based on set business metrics. With this data at your disposal, you can come up with better pricing strategies and make data-driven business decisions.

What Does the Profits Tool Do For You?

  • Accurate Financial Information

Making money on Amazon does not end with finding the bestselling products and creating well-optimized listings, you must also track your revenue and sales data. With the profits tool, you can see how well your products are performing in terms of sales, revenue, and profit. And you can estimate the costs you have incurred and how they have affected your profit margin. Additionally, you can view financial data for today, yesterday, the last 7 days, or any other custom date range that you choose.

  • Actively Track Your Business Performance

You can finally ditch the trial-and-error approach and see what actually works. The profits tool gives you updated insight into the financial health or performance of your business. It comes with a performance matrix feature that allows you to track crucial business metrics like the number of orders, the number of units sold, ad spends, refunds, and ROI.

  • Gauge Your Marketing Efforts

Putting so much effort into running promotional campaigns without tracking your results is literally a waste of resources. With the profits tool, you can track your marketing efforts to see which ones are yielding results.

The profits tool also comes with an inventory forecast or store manager feature that allows you to keep track of your inventory. You can view the number of products available, how long your inventory will last, and an estimated restock day. The tool also offers a ‘best sellers’ feature that shows you the products that generate the highest revenue. You can also see inside details about your best sellers from available inventory to the average number of units sold daily.

The profits tool is available in all of our three plans: The Standard plan at $47/month or $444/year, the Legendary plan at $97/month or $804/year, and the diamond plan at $197/month or $1594/year. You will not have to make any additional payments to access its features. Also, the profits tool does not have a daily usage limit regardless of the plan you’re on. However, if you sign up for the standard plan, you’ll only be able to sync one Amazon account to the tool,  if you sign up for the legendary plan, you can sync up to three Amazon accounts, and if you sign up for the diamond plan, you can sync up to 7 Amazon accounts and can track your profits and expenses across all of them.

If you need further assistance, just send an email to support@zonbase.com or use our Live Chat.

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